30 Million – KUSUM Yojana Solar Water Pump Subsidy Scheme Apply Online

By | February 15, 2018

Central Government 30 Million Solar Punp Distribution – KUSUM Yojana Solar Water Pump Subsidy Scheme Apply Online.

The government of India is making out positive actions towards the farmers of the country. We know these days Government Schemes are very important for Farmers, and this is one of them. As we all known farmers are one of the most important part of our society. But they are only ones who suffer with lots of problems and are having the least income. So to improve the living of the farmers and to boost up their income the central government of India has brought up a new scheme, known as Kusum Yojana 2018-19.

The word Kusum is expanded as the Kisan Urja Suraksha and Uthhan Mahabhiyan. In short it is named as Kusum Yojana. The name of the scheme completely describes its functioning. This scheme is launched to save the electric energy of the farmers and instead of it using the solar energy. This scheme has been introduced by the finance minister of India, Mr. Arun Jaitely. Under this scheme the farmers can utilize their waste land for implementing solar pumps and solar power plants. For these pumps and solar power equipment’s, the farmers can also use those lands which are not so suitable for farming. The government will also provide a subsidy on establishing the PF solar power plant on their barren land.

KUSUM Yojana

Kusum Yojana is basically a energy saving / security scheme which is released for the up bringing of the farmers. As earlier the pumps which were used on the farmers were dependent of diesel or electricity. Due which lots of energy was utilized and a huge amount of resources were wasted. But as now under the Kusum Yojana the government is trending the solar pumps among the farmers of the country. The solar power pumps will be completely dependent on the solar energy and then the diesel and the electricity can be saved. By using these solar power pumps the government has also clarified that there will be an increase in the income of the farmers. All these solar agricultural pumps will be set up across the country by the year 2022.

The central government has also sanctioned an budget of Rs. 48,000 crore for Kusum Yojana for the upcoming five years. The government will also grant a subsidy on the cost of installation of the solar power pumps in to the farms. Whereas the other key features and objectives of the scheme is mentioned here under…

KUSUM Yojana Feature and Benefits

  • By the year 2022, the government has decided to run around 3 crore pumps in the country.
  • By the use of solar pumps the diesel and electricity can be saved.
  • Both the central government and the state government will contribute an equal amount for this scheme.
  • The farmer will just have to pay the 10 % of the total cost of the solar pump and the remaining cost will be paid through a bank loan.
  • Arrangement of such 17.5 lakh irrigation pump will be arranged with the solar energy.
  • By the use of solar energy the cost of electricity bills will be reduced and the income of the farmer will also be raised.

KUSUM Yojana Solar Water Pump Subsidy

So all those farmers of the country who has a waste land can apply for this yojana. By applying to this scheme only the farmer can get the benefits of this scheme. Thus the use of solar energy will be beneficial for both the farmers and the environment. So all the farmers of the country must apply for this scheme. To grab more information regarding the Kusum Yojana keep visiting the official site of regular basis.

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