Haryana Affordable Housing Scheme 2018 (Flats) Brochure Application form

By | November 5, 2017

Haryana Affordable Housing Scheme 2018 (Flats) Brochure Application form, State governments providing housing facilities : Haryana government providing houses at affordable rates : benefits of the scheme.

Till date we have heard about a lot of states where a housing scheme is being started by the respective state governments. All the states are contributing towards the central government scheme i.e. Housing to all till 2022. This scheme has been started in several states to provide houses to the poor and the needy people. Haryana government has also contributed in this plan with their housing scheme. Haryana state government also announces to start up a housing scheme. Under this housing scheme the state government will provide affordable houses to the civilians of Haryana state.

Haryana Affordable Housing Scheme 2018

The scheme was announced earlier but now it has come to its starting point. As very soon 36000 affordable housing units will be offered in Haryana state by the state government. The prices of the houses will be ranging in such a manner that it will be achievable for all the income groups. The people are divided in various income groups. Such as the people with low income will be considered in Lower Income Group (LIG). people with middle income will be considered in Middle Income Group (MIG) and the people with high income will be under the Higher Income Group (HIG). Main aim of this housing scheme is to provide houses mainly to the Lower Income groups and the Middle Income Group.

Haryana Affordable Housing Scheme 2018

Haryana Affordable Housing Scheme 2018

The prices of the houses will be ranging between 17 lac to 24 lac. These houses will be of around 400 to 600 square feet. Many of the projects are already commenced with civil structures and are going high up to 12 floors.

Whereas the delivery of these houses / flats will be conducted in 2018 – 19. Most of the affordable housing options are coming up in the newly developed sectors i.e. 58 sector to 115 sector under the Gurgaon – Manesar Urban Complex. Moreover the other places where the houses under this housing scheme is provided in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Panchkula, Pinjore, Panipat, Sonipat, and Karnal etc. Mostly 2 BHK will be offered under this Haryana Housing Scheme.

Haryana Affordable Flats 2018

So all the interested people can apply for this scheme. To apply for the house, an online application form is being invited. Method to fill the form is…

  1. Log on to the official site of Haryana state government.
  2. Look for the Housing Scheme 2018 link.
  3. Click on the link and the form will be on the screen.
  4. Enter all the demanded information on that form, attach the mandatory documents.
  5. At last click on submit.

These steps will help out the people to get register for this scheme. Under the Housing Scheme of Haryana the houses / flats will provided with all the basic facilities.

Facilities such as..

  1. Parking area.
  2. Playing ground and parks.
  3. Water & supply of electricity.
  4. Safe and clean environment.
  5. Activity area etc.

For these houses the applicant can not apply for 2 flats in a specific colony. If in any case there s such applicant than permission will be granted only to retain only one flat. There must be many people in Haryana state who wish to own a house. This housing scheme will help in making their dream come true.

Plan Area




Panchkula Exten

Pinjore – Kalka







DDA Housing Scheme 2018

As the prices of houses are also very low and any one can buy a flat under this scheme. The EWS , LIG and MIG can also afford to buy their own house under Haryana Housing scheme. Till now the other details are not available but very soon the details will be upgraded on the official site of Haryana state government.

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