Uttar Pradesh Gau Gram Yojana (गौ ग्राम) Cow Sheds Loan – Apply Online

By | February 18, 2018

Uttar Pradesh Gau Gram Yojana, गौ ग्राम योजना उत्तर प्रदेश, Gau Gram Scheme Cow Sheds Loan – Apply Online – Uttar Pradesh government has took up a new initiative to help the farmers in increasing their income. For this, the UP government has introduced a new scheme, named as, Uttar Pradesh Gau Gram Scheme. This scheme is launched to open several cowsheds in the state. As it has been seen in several places that the farmers do not have a proper cow shed. Due to which they are unable to maintain proper health of the cows which results in their low income. So the state government has decided to open more than 100 cowsheds (gaushalas) in the villages of the state. Some of the places has already been selected in Vrindavan.

Gau Gram Yojana

The said Gau Gram Yojana is really beneficial for both the farmers as well as the cows. As the scheme will help in preventing the cows from being slaughtered. Moreover the health of the cows will also be improved and their will be an increase in the income of farmers due to the sale of cow milk and cow dung. Under this scheme the farmers will also get 2 additional cows of a highly good breed. On 11th February 2018, CM of Uttar Pradesh state described the key features and objectives of this scheme. Some of which we are stating here below…

Gau Gram Yojana Key Points

  • Most importantly, UP Gau Gram scheme is an essential initiative by the UP government to protect and conserves the cows.
  • At the first phase the cow sheds will be open in urban areas and then it will be opened in various tehsils and villages of the state.
  • The main objective of starting Gau Gram scheme is to stop the process of slaughtering and open various cow shed for the proper rearing of the cows.
  • To open the cowshed, Hasanand Gochar Bhoomi Trust is also promoting this scheme.
  • A kind of financial assistance will also be provided to the farmers to open up the cow sheds.
  • Over 10,000 cows of indigenous breed will be accommodated to the farmers of the state.
  • By forming these proper cow shed the farmers can make an extra earnings by selling cow milk. Even they can earn from cow urine and dung which can be used as the organic manure.
Gau Gram Yojana

Gau Gram Yojana

This newly proposed scheme is basically to protect and accommodate the proper facilities in such a way that cows are saved from being butchered. By this the farmers can also bring an increase in their income outline. Moreover the PM’s vision of increasing the income of the farmers till 2022 will also be completed.

गौ ग्राम योजना

उत्तर प्रदेश गाँव में पशुओ के सनरक्षण के लिए कदम उठा रहे है। गौ ग्राम योजना में किसान गाय को एक खुले में पशुशाल बना सकते है। इस के लिए सरकार जल्द हे अनुदान, और लोन / ऋण का प्रावधान करने वाली है। योगी आदित्यनाथ इस योजना के पूर्णत देख रेख करेंगे।

Gau Gram scheme will be implemented on various stages and initial set up will also be placed in the areas where the cow shed will be opened. The Uttar Pradesh government is also seeking public support in opening up various cow sheds. As if the people will also contribute in this scheme then the cows can be protected. If cows will behaving a proper health then only they can provide proper milk. Along with this cow dung and urine, which is used for organic manure can also be utilized by the farmers or can be sold out to other farms.

Gau Gram Yojana Loan Facility 

Under The Gau Gram Yojana Loan facility will be provided to the farmers. They can make Cow Sheds With this Money witch is provided by government. Yogi Adityanath Start this Scheme soon in Uttar Pradesh state.

PM Awas Yojana List Uttar Pradesh

At the conclusion we can say that this is a great step taken by the Uttar Pradesh government to protect the cows and maintain a proper rearing of them. So know more key features and highlights of UP Gau Gram scheme, all the readers are advised to visit the official link of Uttar Pradesh state government.

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