DDA Refund Status 2018-Procedure and Penalties of Money Refund

By | December 21, 2017

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We are are very much known to the organization named as DDA. In Delhi DDA Housing Scheme 2018 is Released for this year. It stands for Delhi Development Authority and is responsible for constructing and developing the houses in Delhi. This authority is working for Delhi since a long time ago. Since the date of its formation DDA has provided numerous houses and flats to the needy and to those who want to own a house in Delhi. You can check the DDA Housing scheme Refund Status Online. Delhi is a big city and lots of people dream to have their own house in Delhi. DDA help out such people to own a house in Delhi.


DDA is a kind of authority which provided houses as per the income of the person. In simpler words we can say that DDA provides houses to the people of all the income groups. There are 3 different types of income groups such as Lower Income Group (LIG), Middle Income Group (MIG) and Higher Income Group (HIG).

DDA Refund Status 2018

The DDA Refund Status 2018 will be checked in this website. Every year DDA organize a lottery system for all the income groups to get their own houses. This lottery system is organized for all the income groups and the winner of the lottery are provided with their desired flat or house. For this lottery system every year numerous people fill the application form. As for the year 2017, DDA is going to distribute about 12000 flats through a lottery system. For these 12000 flats over thousands of application forms has been received by the Delhi Development Authority. The flats will be provided to only those lucky winners who will win the DDA Housing lottery. This scheme in Hinid Also called DDA Awas Yojana 2018. So if you are families with this name then  check this out.

In many cases it was seen that at first the people will apply for the housing scheme but at later stage they will back out and will demand for the refund of the money. In previous times the DDA authority accepts the refunds without any penalty but from 2017 onwards they have set some penalties for the refund. Now if the person want to demand refund then they have to follow the complete procedure and can also have to pay some of the penalties. The proper procedure to demand for the refund of DDA housing scheme is mentioned here under…

DDA Housing Scheme Procedure for Money Refund

  • In the first stage the person will have to write an application to the DDA authority in which the reason for the cancellation of registration should be mentioned.
  • After the process of cancellation the penalty amount will be deducted.
  • After deducting the penalty the registration amount DDA Refund Status check Online and Amount check in to the nodal bank branch from where the person has taken loan or submitted the application form.
  • All these formalities the bank will issue cheque back to the individual.

DDA Housing Scheme Penalties of Money Refund

This was the procedure to cancel the registration of DDA housing scheme. Now let’s get aware of the penalties charged by the DDA for the cancellation of the registration…

  • If the person withdrew the registration amount before the due date then the complete amount will be refunded back to the person.
  • Any Person withdraws the amount before the issuance of demand letter or within 30 days than 25% of deduction will be done from the registration amount, as a penalty.
  • If a person withdrew the amount after 30 days but before 90 days then 50% of the amount will be deducted as a penalty.
  • If a person apply for the withdraw after 90 days then the entire amount will be deducted and nothing will be given back to the person.

If you didn’t see the DDA Result 2018, then check Now and apply today for refund Procedure. So all those person who apply for DDA housing scheme must be sure whether to apply for the housing scheme not, else the penalty will be charged.

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